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AC Machines Classic Control

Code                        EDAC 322 


Short description:  

This course will allow the participants acquire the appropriate competencies to commission 3 PH operate, troubleshoot and apply different operations using AC machine. The laboratory is equipped with the top and safety equipment for this purpose.



  • Different Operating Units, construction and functions.
  • Protection components, protection levels.
  • Design and implementation for application according to industrial standers.  
  • Commissioning and testing for applications.
  • 3PH AC machine Starting Procedures.
  • Manual and automatic operations. 
  • Operation, testing and protection for the 3PH machine at different torques.
  • Timing operations in industrial applications.


Competencies:    The participants…

  • Understands the main controls in classic control techniques.
  • Is able to design, implement and test projects using hardware component. 
  • Understands the protection component, function and circuit construction.
  • Understands the signaling for operations.
  • Design, test and implement the control and power circuits.
  • Is able to use industrial and safe component to configure the applications.
  • Is able to test and troubleshoot the applications. 



  • Completion of EDAC 321
  • Basic knowledge of electricity
  • Good knowledge in operating a PC with a windows interface.

Duration:           3 days
Order number:  FACT-EDAC322-1012


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