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DC Machines Control and Characteristics

Code:                EDDC311

Short description:    

This course will allow the participants acquire the appropriate competencies to select appropriate DC motors and their installation according to the industrial necessities to get the best efficiency. The laboratory is equipped with the top equipment for this purpose.


  • Direct Current Machines. 
  • SI Units & Electrical Basics. 
  • DC Motors Classification. 
  • DC Motor Structure & Components. 
  • DC Motor Speed, Direction & Torque. 
  • DC Motor Control & Protection. 
  • DC Motor Commissioning. 
  • DC Motor Graphical Representation & Characteristic Curve. 
  • DC Motor Performance.


Competencies:    The participants…

  • Become familiar with the working principle of the DC motor.
  • Diagnose the operation of DC motors.
  • Choose the appropriate type of DC motor according to application & load. 
  • Interpret the electrics diagrams.
  • Interpretation of engine variables of its operation.
  • Choosing the appropriate elements of motor protection.
  • Will be able to handle motor simulation using DriveLab Software. 
  • Implementation of motor connection.
  • Learn to implement of braking techniques.
  • Become familiar with the DC Motor commissioning.
  • Become familiar with the DC Motor control.


  • Basic knowledge of electricity
  • Good knowledge in operating a PC with a windows interface

Duration:            3 days
Order number:   FACT-EDDC311-1012

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