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Hydraulics Basics

Code:                HYB 311


Short description: 

If it comes to high force & high precision in the industry. Hydraulics is required. This workshop will provide the necessary know-how based on hands-on training on real industrial equipment.



  • Introduction Basic Technologies of Mechatronics.
  • Theory in hydraulics - fundamentals, applications & supply.
  • Function of the components.
  • Handling of FluidSim hydraulics.
  • Differences between hydraulics & pneumatics.
  • Plan, Design, set-up & test of basic hydraulics circuits.
  • Plan, Design, set-up & test of pressure control circuits.
  • Plan, Design, set-up & test of flow control circuits.


Competencies: The participant.…

  • understands the importance of hydraulics & pneumatics in the Industry.
  • understands the physical fundamentals of hydraulics.
  • understands all important aspects of hydraulic power unit.
  • knows the construction and function of components.
  • is able to handle the planning, design and simulation software FluidSim.
  • is able to plan, design, set-up and test of basic hydraulic circuits.
  • understands the speed control of hydraulic actuators.
  • understands the pressure control of hydraulic actuators.
  • understands the function of end-position sensor.


Prerequisites:    No prerequisites required

Duration:           3 days    

Order number:  FACT-HYB311-1012

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